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Inkling Teenage Tiny Vore Doodles by vaporeon1511 Inkling Teenage Tiny Vore Doodles :iconvaporeon1511:vaporeon1511 18 21 A way to get rid of a team (Gmod) by GlitchRaptor A way to get rid of a team (Gmod) :iconglitchraptor:GlitchRaptor 87 17 Marina vore (Gmod) by GlitchRaptor Marina vore (Gmod) :iconglitchraptor:GlitchRaptor 93 4
More splatoon vore :D
It was a normal day in the middle of Inkopolis, inklings hanging out, chatting, etc.
A male inkling had "just" finished a turf war, walking outside of the lobby.
The majority of inklings in the city had no idea that the male inkling outside the lobby had just swallowed another inkling, as there's no possible way to see it as the inkling had escaped his stomach long before he went outside of the lobby.
Getting hungry, the male inkling heard his stomach starting to rumble.
"Am I the only one here who ever gets hungry? I mean, there's no restaurants or food in Inkopolis.." The inkling boy said, talking to himself.
Getting hungrier by the minute, the inkling started walking around trying to find food.
"Nothing.." He said, starting to get extremely hungry.
Walking around aimlessly, he found himself walking up to Callie and Marie's studio.
Callie and Marie were asleep in their chairs, unaware of what's going on outside.
"Perfect.." The inkling boy thought.
"How am I gonna get in though?" he
:iconyoshi1337:Yoshi1337 10 10
[SFM] Pool Party by Allstarman
Mature content
[SFM] Pool Party :iconallstarman:Allstarman 128 14
[SFM...ish?] Octo...wat by Allstarman
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[SFM...ish?] Octo...wat :iconallstarman:Allstarman 50 8
[SFM] Lazy Day by Allstarman
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[SFM] Lazy Day :iconallstarman:Allstarman 70 13
[SFM] I can't keep messing with these models...  by Allstarman
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[SFM] I can't keep messing with these models... :iconallstarman:Allstarman 78 5
[SFM] Game Delay by Allstarman
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[SFM] Game Delay :iconallstarman:Allstarman 115 5
Headless Yoga 1 by kouiichi1234
Mature content
Headless Yoga 1 :iconkouiichi1234:kouiichi1234 44 3
Pearl vore story. Part 1
It was a normal day in Inkopolis. A boy was in the middle of a turf war. His name was Jaey, he was in the top 20 people in the Inkopolis top rankings. His rank was number 5 and if he won this match he would be in the top 2. As the battle ended Judd had decided that  Jaey's team was the winning one. He had finally became number 2 on the Inkopolis top 20. The person he had to beat in a ranked match was someone who went by the name of Silent shot. Before he could enter the 1 v 1 though he was stopped by a girl, though it wasn't any girl. It was Pearl the white haired inkling from off the hook. She skipped over to him with a smile.*
Pearl: Well hello there yo! I saw your last match and was totally impressed!
Jaey aka me: Really, wow, thanks. It's an honor to be told this by my favorite person from off the hook.
Pearl: Awww...~ You appear to be a sweet as I've heard of, I'm glad you say that because I wanted to invite you into the studio for a private relaxation and interview. *She blu
:iconvoreguy529:voreguy529 6 190
Quality Bonding time  by ColourfulSilver
Mature content
Quality Bonding time :iconcolourfulsilver:ColourfulSilver 13 8
Special lose by kouiichi1234 Special lose :iconkouiichi1234:kouiichi1234 60 1 Stuffing  by ColourfulSilver Stuffing :iconcolourfulsilver:ColourfulSilver 18 14 I'm back by nnn4462 I'm back :iconnnn4462:nnn4462 45 75 Futabs by Average-Hanzo Futabs :iconaverage-hanzo:Average-Hanzo 374 21



Full names: Mark and Matt Squidston
Age: 16
Species: Green and Blue Firefly squid Inklings
Genders: Male
Sexuality: Bi and proud
Full body details: 5'6 tall with two heads, Mark's is green tentacled and Matt's is blue. The dots of their tentacles are shaped like Valentine hearts and glow neon variations of light blue and green together. They both have different colored eyes green and blue, Marks is blue right, green left. Matt's is green right, blue left. In their squid form their four eyes are together in their eye outline, green inner two and blue outer. Their squid form they have whenever not in a solo color is half blue and green to resemble their head positions in teenage kid form.  They share four arms together, one upper and one lower pair. Both can think and feel emotions independently and share control of their body together in daily life and Turf Wars.
Fun Facts: They're currently level 20 in Turf and about to try Ranked matches soon.
They dual wield Tentatek Splattershots and can share the same color of the team they're with to swim in ink.
They have the Inkstrike Special move and whenever they use it Mark and Matt yell out "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" before launching in tribute to Junkrat's tire special. 
And one very important fact: They're both friendly to new Inklings or other characters they meet, so don't be shy to interact with them~ ^u^ ^u^


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United States
i'm 22 years old. which is Lvl: 22 in Pokemon years, and I am proudly owned by Sara and Tsudouri ( characters by: *xcesskinavira , awesome artist. :) )


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